EUA Council for Doctoral Education

New EUA-CDE report - Co-tutelles in European universities: concept, aims and implementation

19 May 2022

EUA-CDE has published a new report on the findings of the 2020 Thematic Peer Group on “Co-tutelles and Joint Doctorates”.

The report outlines the conclusions of this second EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group. With findings gathered from 23 universities in 15 European countries, this paper reflects the group’s discussions on the topic of co-tutelles and provides an overview of the different approaches that have been applied at participating institutions in this area. This publication explores the various steps necessary to develop co-tutelle agreements based on the practices in place and highlights the opportunities, but also the common challenges, associated with this type of collaboration during the implementation phase.

The report also suggests possible ways forward for the successful development of this instrument. It serves as a source of reflection for institutions considering engaging with co-tutelles and provides ways to make co-tutelles a positive and fruitful experience.